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AQSIQ: the inspection of imported old machinery and electronic products last year, involving $ 4 billion

Post time: 2011-07-22  Clicks: 3250

BEIJING, May 25 (Xinhua) BEIJING financial channel from the AQSIQ Web site noted that in 2010, the national inspection and quarantine institutions arrival quarantine completed the old mechanical and electrical products imported 5.41 million grant, amounting to $ 4.029 billion . Among them, the arrival of an inspection 50 200 batches of the total arrival rate of 80。79% tested; 164 batches failed the final test, involving an amount of $ 10,310,500, representing 0。25% of the amount.

AQSIQ has announced the "2010 National Quality of imported old mechanical and electrical products," informed the 2010 annual inspection and quarantine agencies in the regulation of the import of used mechanical and electrical products of statistical data and information, and "during" National inspection and supervision of electromechanical products import old data.

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