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Localization of screw air compressor business opportunities and challenges

Post time: 2011-07-26  Clicks: 2803

2010 or screw compressor market is yet another year of prosperity, the country's one hundred companies sell very well screw compressors. Information obtained from the look, every screw compressor companies have to share the economic crisis, recovery of the domestic market caused by market expectations. Domestic production and sales of screw air compressor business phenomenon that has made ​​air compressor screw air compressor and air power industry is an integral part.

     Screw air compressor and the degree of localization, localization, localization level is available from several specific aspects to be reflected.

     (1) market share in China market screw air compressor is the machine most of the enterprises (including foreign investment, joint ventures or private) production。

     (2) unit system level and the level of unit control system design techniques consistent with the level of foreign and domestic design and production of screw air compressor products more consideration to environmental factors in China, but also to adapt to our climatic conditions.

     (3) host screw air compressor screw air compressor is a core component of the host, has achieved domestically, and the formation of scale production. Host of design level, the level of processing technology has matured, such as HANBELL (Chinese bell) of the host has gone through nearly five years of market tests.

     (4) screw air compressor valves and fittings screw air compressor valves and fittings have all been achieved domestically, including the air intake control valve, temperature control valve, minimum pressure valve, air filter, oil separation filter, piping accessories, dedicated controller, cooler, special motors and screw machine lubricants。

     (5) personnel to the company after nearly 10 years of training, already has a screw compressor technical professionals。

     (6) national product standards and testing standards and industry standards have screw machine products。 Test standards with international standards

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