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Electrical QuChen on the application of freeze-drying machine brief description of

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 Vacuum freeze-drying technology in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, materials science, and agricultural processing and other fields have a wide range of applications.

Pharmaceutical freeze-drying, including Chinese and Western medicines in two parts. Western China has been freeze-dried in a certain development, has many of the larger pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment。 In the injection, the freeze-drying process used more to improve drug quality and shelf-life, to bring benefits both doctors and patients。 But not many varieties of freeze-dried pharmaceutical product prices high, drying process is not advanced. In Chinese medicine, is still confined to the ginseng, deer horn, Chinese yam, Chinese herbal medicines and other small freeze-dried Cordyceps sinensis, a large number of proprietary Chinese medicines have not used freeze-drying process, the larger the gap with foreign countries. Japan a few years ago launched the "Western system of Chinese medicine," changed the way brewed Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine can not be made to solve the traditional injection or tablets, died of acute disease but also to solve the problems of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine freeze-drying process so and product research has potential to be tapped.

In the field of biotechnology products, freeze-drying technology is mainly used for serum, plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones and other pharmaceutical production; biochemical examination of drugs, immunological and bacteriological examination of drugs; blood, bacteria, arteries, bones , skin, cornea, nerve tissue and various organs of long-term preservation.

Equipment status and development

Freeze-drying technology and equipment are inseparable, so far, in the form of freeze-drying equipment is divided into intermittent and continuous two categories, the device size from less than one square meters to tens of square meters have .

Batch freeze-drying equipment

Intermittent freeze-drying equipment for many varieties of small batch production, especially in the food industry for seasonal food production。 The use of stand-alone operation, if a device failure will not affect the normal operation of other devices. Intermittent freeze drying equipment to facilitate control of materials at different stages of the heating temperature and vacuum requirements。 Equipment manufacturing and maintenance easy to carry out. However, due to loading, unloading, starting and other operations take more time, so utilization is low, productivity is not high.

Continuous freeze-drying equipment

In recent years, domestic and international began to explore and use a continuous vacuum freeze-drying equipment. Continuous device is characterized by a single, suitable for production of a large variety of raw materials sufficient production, especially for the production of paste and granulated products。 Continuous control of the device easy to automate and simplify the manual operation and management, its main disadvantage is high cost.

With the end of GMP certification, made outstanding pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment with full access to the modern stage, full-featured, reliable, stable performance, can achieve line cleaning (CIP) or steam sterilization (SIP), the technical indicators able to meet the freeze-dried biological products and pharmaceutical production. In contrast, freeze-drying equipment of foreign than domestic varieties and specifications, supporting the well-equipped, more refined energy-efficient structure, large amount of continuous freeze-drying equipment. To ensure the quality and energy efficiency of freeze-dried products, freeze-drying equipment is often used together with other drying equipment a combination of freeze-drying equipment, such as spray freeze-drying equipment.

In the future, how to ensure product quality under the premise of improving the efficiency of freeze-drying, reduce drying time, saving energy will be freeze-dried large industry.

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