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QuChen Company Products Silent Oilless Air Compressor latest shows

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Shanghai Quchen Electrical Technology Co。, Ltd。 specializes in producing oil-free air compressor mute manufacturers, air compressor by the motor shaft and the eccentric rod is not directly connected to the crankshaft bearing works, so no oil; other seals of PTFE , molybdenum disulfide, copper, carbon and other composite materials made of high-tech materials with good heat resistance, easy to heat, wear resistance and other characteristics, no oil lubrication and cooling, so the lubricant filling machine without oil, aircraft whole life of 6-8 years, we believe that better quality, most competitive price, timely delivery and perfect after-sales service is the foundation of our success. Products suitable for any need in a quiet environment using gas source (and most of the products with the regulator and filter. Adopt foreign advanced technology (no noise (small size (shape appearance (low power consumption (no vibration, etc. (simple operation, easy maintenance.

Products can be used for medical, dental, laboratory, printing and other areas that need a place without oil and gas sources, the products, stable quality, very low failure rate, excellent timber, good service, subject to foreign distributors and users alike。 The company is vigorously develop the domestic market for domestic customers with affordable and durable common good product.


Now, you can contact us, tell us your needs, we will have professional sales staff to introduce you to the relevant products and knowledge. In particular: QWWJ series of oil-water Mute air compressor for the present the most stable (the most economical product (which combines 100% Oilless air compressor and drier in one (small, flexible (high reliability (the maintenance-free product for all-weather products (with automatic drainage。 pictures and parameters

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