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Shanghai QuChen& Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a morning song of science, industry and trade as one of the professional commitment to R & D

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 The company advocates "concentric, create, share the" spirit of enterprise and modern management concepts, advocating people-oriented, promote innovation, we have an excellent business, management, innovation and excellence in the core team, an idealistic, young technology staff. Welcome insight and business elite to join our company, to create together a better future earnings。

         Sea diving, sky high the bird。 Is the eagle, of course, to soar; is Rose, it should enjoy blooming。 We are confident that you can move the earth's leverage, and we are willing to do you a solid point.

        We are desperate, you only care about no talent and dreams, and to realize their actions and strength;

        We not only provide a simple job, but to give you a life-long struggle to whom the cause;

        Here you can choose your own wanted to do business, and we always believed you do better than others;

        Here we do not need horses, because we have a sufficiently wide track how you ride。

        You have the ability, I have the stage, if you are a human, please join us。

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