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Shanghai QuChen& Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a morning song of science, industry and trade as one of the professional commitment to R & D

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Leading-edge technology
  Professional titles account for more than 60% of all employees, research more than 1,000 items, more than 50 patents. Annual investment in R & D for new products accounted for 10% of the company's total revenue. Technological innovation to achieve product leadership.
  Advanced manufacturing platform
  Large-scale precision 50 sets of imported equipment, the main production and testing equipment 200 sets。 Complete production support system. 16,300 square meters of heated dust-free workshop, to achieve large-scale manufacturing。
  Improve the quality assurance
Through ISO9000 (2000 version) quality system certification. Advanced measuring and testing means complete, strict quality management system, manufacturing information management.
  Professional service guarantee
   Established a nationwide marketing network。 With offices in key cities, can provide customers with convenient means of communication. BMEI with high-quality fast service team to arrive at the scene within 48 hours to provide services. For the concept of customer service throughout the design, manufacture, marketing and all other aspects. BMEI also invested significant resources in building the company's website, and strive to provide a stable, convenient and efficient communication and service platform. Customers can browse, download a variety of products and technical information.

Environmental qualification
Through many years of advanced environmental technology and environmental protection equipment to provide high quality, has won the State Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Construction and other government departments recognized, and has many experienced, well qualified environmental protection industry.


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