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Shanghai QuChen& Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a morning song of science, industry and trade as one of the professional commitment to R & D

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Adhering to the traditional industrial advantages, technological leadership with innovative design
Provide customers with superior products, customer value and enterprise value to achieve improved
With integrity and meticulous service, maximize customer satisfaction guarantee

In the concept of culture, adhere to sustainable business ideas, advocating for the return of long-term interests of shareholders, to provide customers with the best products and services for employees to create space for development。 In management culture, knowledge management to change the dynamics of the knowledge innovation system for implantation into the company's innovation system, the unity, cooperation and values ​​embedded into the company's daily management. In the business culture, to promote competition in cooperative mode, promote win-win concept, to achieve shared interests. In the service of culture, emphasis on customer-centric. In the image of the culture, brand image, enhance brand value。 In the marketing culture, is committed to the implementation of systematic and scientific marketing system and processes to show clients a good professional image and behavior.

Full restructuring of research institutes, technological advantage, adhere to independent innovation, and gradually take the road of professional development, product expansion and capital expansion through a combination of the strong demand in the big, green building concepts, to achieve the listing, the company built for the major equipment manufacturing industry in the domestic solid waste disposal and environmental protection market segments with a vertical machining center core competitiveness of manufacturers and service providers.

Established a nationwide marketing network。 With offices in key cities, can provide customers with convenient means of communication。 BMEI with high-quality fast service team to arrive at the scene within 48 hours to provide services. For the concept of customer service throughout the design, manufacture, marketing and all other aspects. BMEI also invested significant resources in building the company's website, and strive to provide a stable, convenient and efficient communication and service platform。 Customers can browse, download a variety of products and technical information。

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